Research associates / Research Professors of all ranks
Several positions are open.
The applicant must have a Ph. D. or equivalent degree in Mathematics or related fields. Preferences are given to the applicants whose specialties are resonant with those of the main members of the Center. The application dossier must include:

(1) Signed cover letter that states the desired position and starting date,

(2) Curriculum vitae,

(3) List of research publications,

(4) Description and plans for research,

(5) Proof of Ph. D. degree
       (Please arrange to have the registrar's office send it directly to us. This may be waived for those who       
        already had held an academic position elsewhere; please contact us for the waiver.)

       ** For the Ph. D. expected, a letter from the advisor guaranteeing the graduation date may be accepted     as an alternative.)

(6) Two letters of recommendation.

       (This may also be waived for those who already holds a professorial position elsewhere; please
        contact us for the waiver, by e-mail.)

- The GAIA hiring committee shall have the first hiring meeting on 25 August,(Fri)  2017. Expected start date is 1 September 2017.

-  The documents are collected at the following address by post or e-mail.

         The SRC-GaiA
         Room 106 Mathematical Sciences Building
         Pohang 790-784 The Republic of Korea
    Telephone: (+82) 54-279-8020 (staff), 2043 (director) 
    Fax: (+82) 54-279-8048