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KSCV Workshop #20

posted Dec 11, 2012, 10:35 PM by Jihye Jung   [ updated Feb 7, 2013, 5:40 PM ]
KSCV Workshop #20

22-25 February 2013

The Kolon Hotel in Gyeong-Ju, Korea


Organizing committee

                  Kang-Tae Kim (Chair—The SRC-GaiA, POSTECH, Korea)

                  Heungju Ahn (POSTECH, Korea)

                  Seong-A Kim (Dongguk Univ.-GyeongJu, Korea)

                  Liyou Zhang (Capital Normal Univ., Beijing, China)



           Adachi, Masanori (Nagoya Univ., Japan)

Ahn, Taeyong (The SRC-GaiA, POSTECH, Korea)

Cho, Hong Rae (Pusan National U., Korea)

           Fornaess, John Erik (NTNU, Norway)

           Deng, Fusheng (Univ. of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

           Han, Chong-Kyu (Seoul National U., Korea)

           Kim, Hyeseon (The SRC-GaiA, POSTECH, Korea)

           Kossovskiy, Ilya (Western Ontario, Canada)

           Nguyen, Quang Dieu (Hanoi National Univ. of Edu., Vietnam)

Ninh, Van Thu (The SRC-GaiA, POSTECH, Korea)

           Park, Inyoung (BK21, Seoul National Univ., Korea)

Peters, Han (University of Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Tran, Vu Khanh (Tan Tao Univ., Vietnam)

           Yamaguchi, Hiroshi (Nara Women’s Univ., Japan)

Yamamori, Atsushi (The SRC-GaiA, POSTECH, Korea)

           Zhou, Xiang-Yu (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

Registration: Click here
(The deadline of the registration is February 1, 2013)
(The Kolon Hotel
Contact: (Jihye Jung (Ms.), Secretary)



 Fri 22

 Sat 23

 Sun 24
at the GAIA

 Mon 25


 Cho,Hong Rae

 Ninh,Van Thu

 Nguyen, Quang Dieu



 Tea Time

 Tea Time

 Tea Time

 Tea Time


 Fornaess, John Erik

 Zhou,Xiang Yu

 Peters, Han

 Yamaguchi, Hiroshi










 Tran,Vu Khanh





 Kim, Hyeseon




 Ahn, Tae-Yong




 Kossovskiy, Ilya




 Adachi, Masanori

 Yamamori, Atsushi









Structure of the Workshop



1. Ample discussion time


    All talks are 50 minutes long. Exactly four seminar lectures are given each day. Two are in the morning, and the other two are in the afternoon. On the first and the second days, the afternoon session starts at 16:10 and ends at 18:00. 

   On Sunday, the 3rd day of Workshop, we shall hold the program on POSTECH campus. A Kolon bus will depart from The Kolon Hotel after breakfast and the return trip will be from Postech after dinner, returning to The Kolon Hotel in the evening.

  The final and 4th day schedule is different; we want to finish early so that it will be more convenient for those who are returning home on the same day. We shall finish at 3:00 p.m., with the afternoon session from 13:10-15:00.



2. Evening discussion for beginners

   The KSCV tradition is the "extra-curricula activity". This time, Kang-Tae Kim will run this program. The schedules will be announced daily.




3. Meals and coffee breaks

    The meals are "offered" by the workshop, except the lunch of the first two days of the conference. The list of offered meals is as follows:

Day 1 & 2 (22, 23): Breakfast at the coffeeshop of lobby. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 3 (24): B at the hotel. Lunch and dinner at POSTECH.

Day 4 (25): B & Lunch at the hotel.

There is coffee break in the morning of Days 1, 2 and 4 between the two talks in the morning.



4. Arriving

     A desk will be open from approximately 3 p.m. of Thursday, the 21st at the hotel lobby (the 3rd floor). This desk will stay open until 9 p.m. approximately, except the dinner time, 6-7 p.m. Those who arrive outside this hour, please check in indivdually at the hotel counter, as we shall provide the list of participants to the hotel. As to the transportation to the Kolon Hotel, please consult the other web page(s).

5. How to get to the Kolon Hotel

Kolon Bus:TBA

From Seoul-Incheon Airport: There are basically 4 methods:

(1) By Express bus (big seats, just one ride to GyeongJu) + taxicab (to the Kolon Hotel): At ICN, ask at the information kiosk in the terminal hall (after passport control and customs); they will tell you when the next buses are coming and where to buy the ticket (41,000 KRW=approx. 41 US dollars). The bus is not so frequent! (something like one in every two hours plus.) Off the bus, take a taxi to the Kolon Hotel. (20,000 KRW or so.) Bus takes 4 hrs 30 min approx. Taxi will take 30-40 minutes.

(2) By A*rex train (ICN-Seoul Station) + KTX bullet train (Seoul Station - ShinGyeongJu Station) + Taxicab (to the Kolon Hotel): At ICN, follow the signs to the train station. There you can buy the train tickets and follow the instruction. It takes 50 minutes (less than 7 thousand KRW) + 2 hrs and 20 minutes (approx 50,000 KRW) + 40-50 minutes(taxi, 25,000 KRW approx). The advantage is that the train is practically every hour except the time gap during the lunch and dinner hours. And, everything is on time and fast.

(3) A connection flight from Gimpo Airport to Pohang (100,000 KRW) and take taxi from there (100,000 KRW): At ICN, take a shuttle bus to Gimpo Airport. Bus comes every 10 minutes and the fare is less than 8,000 KRW. It takes approximately 40 minutes.

(4) A connection flight from Gimpo Airport to Ulsan and take a taxicab. (30,000 KRW): Similar.

But I do not recommend the last two options so much, although they are not too bad.

From Busan-Gimhae Airport:

At Busan-Gimhae airport, there is a bus line to Gyeong-Ju. Ask the information booth in the terminal. The bus might stop at the Kolon Hotel along the way; please ask the driver. Perhaps you can ask that at the information center as well. The Bus fare is approximately 10,000 KRW and takes approximately 1 hour and few minutes. If it arrives to the Bus terminal in GyeongJu, then take a taxi.

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