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The Center for Geometry and its Applications (GAIA)
Mathematical Sciences Building, Pohang University of Science and Technology
Pohang city, Gyeong-sang-bugdo 790-784 South Korea
Phone: +82 54-279-2043, 8020
Fax: +82 54-279-8048
How to get to POSTECH after arriving in Korea
  1. By domestic flight
    Take Airport Limousine Bus or Airport Express Train to Gimpo airport (30 min) → Domestic flight to Pohang (50 min) → Taxi to POSTECH (20 min)

  2. By train
    Take Airport Express Train to Seoul station (43 min) → KTX train to Singyeongju Station (2h) → Limousine bus to Pohang bus terminal (35 min) → Taxi to POSTECH (10min)

  3. By bus 
    From Incheon Int'l airport
    Take the Limousine Bus at platform 10c to Pohang bus terminal (5.5h). Bus Schedule: 07:00 08:50 13:40 17:10 19:30 21:30 → Taxi to POSTECH (10min). 
    From Gimhae Int’l Airport (Busan)
    Take Airport Limousine Bus to Pohang bus terminal (1.7h) → Taxi to POSTECH (10min.)

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