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GAIA Special Lecture Series-Prof. DongSeon Hwang

posted May 13, 2014, 9:31 PM by Hyemin Shin
Title: A Guide to Normal Surface Singularities
Speaker: Prof. DongSeon Hwang (Ajou University)
Normal surface singularities 'link' surfaces to 3-folds by means of smoothings and to 3-manifolds through links. In this lecture, I will present the classical foundation of the theory of normal surface singularities developed by Mumford, Artin, and Laufer with an emphasis on topological aspects, and then talk about the singularities coming from the developments of MMP. If time permits, I will sketch the proof of the classification of (log) terminal/canonical surface singularities.
Place: Room 404, Math Science bldg.
Date: 16:30-18:00 May 19, 2014
         10:30-12:00 May 20, 2014
Contact: Prof. Donghoon Hyeon (
              Hyemin Shin (, Tel. 279-8021)
Hyemin Shin,
May 13, 2014, 9:34 PM